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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What is a Forensic Mortgage?

Forensic Mortgage Definition

Forensic Auditing involves the intensive investigations of cases that are suspected to involve fraud so as to "Validate, Verify, Prove, Authenticate, Substantiate, Confirm, Corroborate, Justify, or Disprove a claim" and to identify the persons involved, support the findings by collecting evidence and to present the evidence in an acceptable format for subsequent civil and legal penalties proceedings.

We will conduct auditing on your paperwork to find discrepancies, violations, unlawful/ illegal acts, misrepresentations of material facts as well as act as a third party witness to the validation, verification process you have a natural right to demand. The difference here is now you have a witness you can put on the stand and testify to what they found in the audit and the information provided by “Alleged Note Holder.”

How would you know if the most current mortgage company claiming to be "Holders in Due Course" has a "True and Accurate Debt Claim" to said property?

You wouldn't without a professional audit conducted by industry leaders working for you, the individual!

Our audits begin with day one - the day of closing

1. Did you receive the note, mortgage and terms you agreed to?

2. Did the Title Company properly prepare and close your loan?

3. Did your mortgage company execute the note and mortgage you were led to sign?

4. If you are in foreclosure has your mortgage company provided you all of your loan documents, followed State and Federal Rules and Regulations in your foreclosure proceedings and has a Proper Claim to the Property?

5. Were your payments accurately and properly applied to your mortgage loan?

6. And finally what about your escrow account, has that been properly managed, etc.? is essential that individual consumers have access to an Independent Third Party Auditing Company that truly investigates the facts!

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